A bracelet. A tree.


Since winter 2019, ORANGE AMOUR moves the lines by putting people and the planet at the heart of its "strategy". Convinced that there are no small actions and that we each have a role to play, throughout the year we partner with projects that are close to our hearts, such as the “program” A bracelet. A tree ", for the reforestation of forests throughout the world, with the organization ONE TREE PLANTED.

Pink October for the fight against breast cancer, with the association PINK RIBBON, and finally, the protection of the planet in general, with the 1% FOR THE PLANET®.


Which forest for 2022? 🌳

This end of the year 2021, we asked you through several surveys on social networks or on our site, in which forest you wanted to plant your trees in 2022, the choice being between these forests:

Costa Rica for South America

Indonesia for Asia

Ivory Coast for Africa

The Amazon rainforest for South America

Well, the vast majority of you have chosen the Amazon rainforest again. 


ORANGE AMOUR is committed to planting 1000 trees to start this partnership, mainly on the African continent in the most needy forests of Kenya, at the end of 2020.

By 2021 we will have planted nearly 2000 trees.

And in 2022, we hope to double that number.  

 Photo of a tree just planted


Facts :

You are increasingly aware of the products you buy and the companies you support.

Thanks to you, we are able to revive natural habitats, improve the health of coral reefs, support local livelihoods and help in the fight against climate change.


This year, YOU * have (again) chosen the Amazon rainforest.

* After several weeks of surveys on our website as well as through our Instagram & Facebook pages.

 Picture Amazonia

Home to iconic species like the jaguar, macaw, Amazon river dolphin, black spider monkey and poison frog, the Amazon River Basin is a vast region with 1,9 billion acres of rainforest and more than 1100 tributaries – 17 of which are longer than 1000 miles. With the largest rainforest ecosystem in the world, it spans 9 countries and is home to nearly 30% of plant and animal species on Earth. And by holding between 90 and 140 billion metric tons of carbon, its forests play a vital role in the fight against climate change. Unfortunately, due to logging, unsustainable agriculture and forest fires, it is also an area at high risk of deforestation and degradation. Planting trees in the Amazon rainforest will help conserve habitat for its iconic wildlife species, provide sustainable livelihoods for local people, and stabilize the climate.

This tree-planting project will help protect the biodiversity-rich primary forests of the Amazon and restore degraded lands. Our partners will work with local farmers to establish sustainable agroforestry using shade-grown cocoa, native tree species and productive timber species. They will also provide training and technical assistance to participants in the sustainable agroforestry model.


Logo This product plants one tree

A bracelet. A tree. 

For each bracelet sold, ORANGE AMOUR plant a tree, for each bracelet purchased, YOU PLANT A TREE! 

✔︎ You buy 2 bracelets, you plant 2 trees. 

✔︎ You receive a certificate in your name or that of the person of your choice, dated, with the number of trees planted, as well as the country where they are planted.



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