Pink October


Pink Ribbon 


If the communication actions are carried out once a year on the occasion of the campaign "Pink October", for the prevention and early detection of breast cancer, the disease does not know seasonality. The devastation is daily.

ORANGE AMOUR campaigns for awareness and a daily fight both in terms of prevention and to provide courage and positivism to women affected in their flesh.
ORANGE AMOUR lends its support to the association PINK RIBBON,, which fights against breast cancer.

From now on, every year, from October 1 to 31, we offer a limited edition of our bracelets with one word, only one: VAINCRE.

A militant act, an act of love, an act of rebellion, a message of war against disease.

The “Pink October” pack consists of a stainless steel bracelet engraved with the claim VAINCRE and covered with an 18-carat rose gold plating, 2 pink ribbons (pink knots), a pink jewel polish and from his pouch ORANGE AMOUR with pink ribbon, all sent in its gift wrapping with the possibility of adding a personal note, and accompanied by the RUBAN ROSE brochure, with everything you need to know about breast cancer.

For each pack sold, ORANGE AMOUR donates 20% to the RUBAN ROSE association.

Thanks to the participation of each and everyone, to the small cents that make great rivers, the association PINK RIBBON also actively participates in the funding of Cancer Research, and it works!

Since 1994, not a single year in which the famous pink ribbon has not been displayed by everything.

If breast cancer is hidden and sneaky, the will to win is displayed in pink letters throughout France, on social networks, in magazines ...

Today, a small partner with our small contribution, we hope to quickly become a solid ally and provide substantial help to those who lead the fight all year round.




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