The flower of life – sacred geometry

The flower of life – sacred geometry

The flower of life – sacred geometry

Do you know this flower with amazing powers ? This flower which has a regenerating effect on body and soul : THE FLOWER OF LIFE. Much more than a flower, it is a sacred geometric shape widely used in lithotherapy and spirituality. Do you want to know more about this little wonder?

Stay with us, the Flower of Life will have no more secrets for you at the end of this article.

We'll start by giving you its meaning, what are his benefits et how to use it.


Let's go !

Flower of Life 


Flower of life: its origins and history

We could not tell you the exact date of the appearance of this sacred symbol. The only thing we know is that a representation of the flower of life was found in the osiris temple, in Egypt. More than 5 years ago !


representation of the flower of life was found in the temple of Osiris, in Egypt. 

Representation of flower of life on the temple of Osiris.
Image source: Wikipedia


It has been found at several times in history on monuments: Pyramid in Central America, churches in Europe, temples and monasteries in India, Japan and China.

Many cultures around the world symbolize her as a sacred element endowed with a very powerful energy. Flower energy of life would be transmitted to the monuments on which it is inscribed. Places of worship are symbols of spirituality, faith and prayers, which explains why it is often found.

Later, Leonardo da Vinci considered the subject. He studied in depth the properties of the Flower of Life. He even made a lot of designs with flower of life elements. Moreover, he defined its symbolism scientifically and philosophically. Extracts from his writings and drawings have been found.


 Flower of life by Leonardo da Vinci

Image source: Wikipedia


Flower of life: its meaning

General meaning of the flower of life

The Flower of Life has many meanings through arts, history, philosophy, architecture, spirituality, etc.

The essential point concerns its sacred geometry. The flower of life is in fact.

For example, the first circle is interpreted as the source, God, the center of the universe. For each addition of an element, there is a representation.

In summary, the Flower of Life holds universal meaningsas an creation, the connection between beings and energy. We can also see atoms, planets, human DNA, etc.

Moreover, it has been broken down to trace all the stages it forms:

  • The seed of life (first 7 circles): the first 7 days of the creation of life in the Judeo-Christian religion. Symbol of fertility and blessing
  • The fruit of life (13 circles extracted from the flower of life): the spine of the flower of life which represents the conception of all forms of life.
  • The egg of life (7 circles): the shape of a 3-day-old embryo with 8 cells
  • The tree of Life (representation below): very powerful symbol that refers to the chakras.

 The tree of life (representation below): very powerful symbol that refers to the chakras

There are others, the Flower of Life has been scrutinized by a lot of people. It has always fascinated minds since the dawn of time.


Spiritual and Energetic Meaning of the Flower of Life

The first very important thing to know is that thehas flower of life at an exceptionally high vibratory rate. In appearance, it is similar to a rose that we could have made as a child. But the more we look at it, the more complex it seems to us..

In reality, it is made up of 19 circles and 36 arcs. Intertwining, juxtaposition, a form that could be continued ad infinitum.

The Flower of Life represents regeneration, metamorphosis et creation. She defines the cycle of life et his growth. She is perceived as a matrix force.

It wards off all bad energy. By carrying it on you, you will be as in a sacred bubble.

Additionally, if you have minerals, you can purify and recharge them on the flower of life. Its intense vibratory rate has a hyper positive impact on stones, just like solid things. Placed in a room it acts on the energies of the latter, as well as on the people around.


 flower of life collection ORANGE AMOUR



The benefits of the flower of life 

Here is a list of the main benefits of the flower of life :

  • Help with meditation
  • Watch over your health
  • Harmonize a room
  • Purifies and recharges stones and crystals
  • Calms the mind
  • Purifies and recharges energies
  • Purifies and energizes water
  • Relieves stress
  • Increases the effectiveness of essential oils
  • Purifies, revitalizes and helps preserve food
  • Facilitates falling asleep and sleeping*

 Flower of Life Gold collection ORANGE AMOUR

*The only advice we can give you is that for some people it is better to avoid sleeping in a room with a flower of life. Her great energy can disrupt sleep or falling asleep. You can try, it will have a beneficial effect on some and not on others. This bit of advice comes from a professional, we share it with you, so that you are informed.


How to use your flower of life?

Here are our personalized tips for using your flowers of life:

  • In jewelry: do not hesitate to wear it every day, if you have a stressful job, it will help you for example. In addition, she is beautiful, you will be envious!
  • In object : at home, you can leave it in the common rooms. It will capture the energies of everyone, which will facilitate communication and exchanges. It will also purify bad energies during a conflict.
  • Refill for your minerals: in lithotherapy, it is very often used. Instead of waiting for the full moon, you can purify and recharge your crystals each evening on the flower of life.
  • Meditation : during a meditation session, the flower of life can also help you regenerate. It is a good support to meditate in all serenity.

 Flower of Life


There you go, you already have a good one flower of life knowledge base. We could have explained all the symbols found inside, but there are a multitude of them. You have the main ones that already demonstrate to you the power of this sacred geometric shape. We hope you enjoyed this article. If you feel like give you a flower of life, We have what you need. She is just beautiful, go see her. Otherwise, for harmonize your home, know that flowers of life printable are found on the web. Just be careful that it's the exact right shape. Thank you for reading and see you soon for a new topic. If you want us to talk about something in particular, we welcome your opinions. Leave us a comment. 😊

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