Have you ever heard of mantras?

Have you ever heard of mantras?

Originally the term "mantra" comes from Sanskrit, used in Hinduism and Buddhism to designate a sentence repeated frequently during meditation.

Mantra: Sacred formula endowed with spiritual power.


Have you ever heard of Mantras?

Whether the answer is yes or no, these phrases that we hear on repeat in our head are part of all of our lives!

It may or may not be conscious, but these phrases run through our minds so often that we are convinced of them, and that it greatly influences our way of being and our decisions...

Maybe you are lucky enough to have only positive mantras: My life is good, I'm a winner…? Unfortunately, very often we hear and repeat to ourselves much more negative phrases: I'm not beautiful. Nothing works for me. I don't have the skills...

What if we reverse the trend? What if we removed these phrases that weaken us, to replace them with positive affirmations and / or mantras that will encourage us, help us regain confidence in ourselves, to feel less stressed? Phrases that would just make us happy?

Mantras, like positive affirmations, are a powerful therapeutic tool.

Among other things, repeating a mantra to yourself helps calm the mind by promoting focus and reducing distractions, thereby blocking stress and negative feelings through the endorphin released.

In other words, a mantra naturally puts you in a more positive state of mind!

What if the secret to achieving your best self was a handy mantra? A positive message sent to your mind to direct your thoughts towards joy and success. We tend to believe what we say out loud; and because our mind follows our words.

It's almost impossible to shout" I feel fantastic! and being depressed at the same time, or doubting ourselves when our mantra reminds us all day: Believe in yourself, Life is beautiful, All I need is within me !

You can use mantras or positive affirmations throughout the day as a constant reminder, to motivate yourself to change or not to give up, or in particular situations where you feel you need them. The key is to find the mantra(s) that speak to you, make sense to you, and that will have a real positive impact on a daily basis.

Here are some examples: I have a dream. Just smile. Make today count...

The next step will be to always keep them in mind, or at hand, and repeat them to yourself to convince yourself. So memorize the most important to you, and keep them close to you: why not have them always on your wrist, on a bracelet that will remind you of who you want to be, and what you want to accomplish?

Be the engine of your own change, to turn the page on a new chapter in your life. A chapter in which the negative no longer has its place, in which you experience the best of yourself.

So… what is your Mantra?

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  • I discovered positive affirmations after a very long period of depression and it helped me tremendously! I am rather in favor of the least effort so everything that is Yoga or meditation is not for me. But there, just repeating one or more positive affirmations several times a day, it's within my reach! :-)
    Now i wear the bracelets Orange Amour and it's even simpler, as soon as I see my wrist, it feels like a reminder and I recite my affirmations or mantras aloud to myself! That's great !
    Frankly, I advise everyone to do it, it's not binding, it's simple, fast and efficient!
    Apparently, for it to be even more effective, it suffices to repeat the same statements to yourself for at least 21 days, after which the brain automatically reprograms itself… But I'm not an expert.
    * There are plenty of videos on positive affirmations on Youtube… well worth checking out! ;-)

    Laurent on
  • I find myself so in your article! Before I thought negatively, I couldn't say positive things to myself. And then one day I got fed up, and I changed. Well of course not all at once, it's not easy XD
    But little by little And I find it a great idea to keep your mantra on a bracelet! And what's more, it's for a good cause. I will crack and take one I feel :)

    Anne on

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