Use the Positive Affirmations in your favor.

Use the Positive Affirmations in your favor.

For positive affirmations to be truly effective, it is still necessary to know how to use them on a daily basis!

When we understand them and use them to our advantage, they are a good way to redirect our thoughts in order to tend towards what we want.

Every thought, every word can be an affirmation. And when properly formulated, believing in it can give it the energy to become a reality.

So here are some tips and steps to make the best use of positive affirmations, and take the first step towards change!


Drive out the negative from your inner dialogue

Every day in our thoughts we spontaneously make various affirmations. Unfortunately, often without realizing it, we formulate these in the negative. “They won't give me this job”, “I'm not handsome enough”, “I'll never do it” ...

Without our realizing it, these negative statements tend to influence our behavior, and all of this happens eventually. What if we learn to spot these statements the instant they appear in our mind, and turn them into positive statements?

This is the first step: to be aware of the thoughts that occupy our mind, to drive out those that are negative.

Believe in positive affirmations

This is how you will give them the necessary energy to make them come true! It's quite simple: when we repeat certain statements in our mind, the desire comes naturally to us to act in coherence with them. A new attitude that will bring us the courage and the confidence to achieve our goals...

Choosing to believe in it means creating a new inner dialogue, and letting these affirmations have an impact in our daily life! Such dialogue and the energy it will create can help improve: 

  • our self-esteem
  • our decision making
  • our state of mind
  • our creativity
  • and our productivity!

But how do you use positive affirmations?

Chase away negative thoughts, choose to believe in the positive so that it comes true… Okay, but then? Here are some tips to follow to optimize your positive affirmations!


Think about it

Always keep your positive affirmations in mind, so you don't get discouraged.courager along the way! You can repeat them regularly, like a mantra, to focus on them.


Write them down

Writing down your positive affirmations is a good way to remember them. You can do it in a newspaper, in your phone or even post them at home, where you will see them often!


Visualize them

Find images that give you the emotions you're looking for and remind you of your goal. You can save them, view them or even use a mood board.


Avoid the NO

Every thought creates an image in your mind. The wording of it therefore has a lot of influence on how you will imagine it. For example, if you say “I don't want a boring job”, you will immediately imagine this boring job. To tune into the right frequency, say instead “I want a motivating job”!

Focus on what you want, and avoid negation at all costs.


Use words that speak to you

Certain words resonate in a particular way, for one reason or another, in our mind. Never try to use words that do not speak to you: use those that awaken the best in you.


Use powerful words

Each affirmation must create an emotion, strong enough to awaken the energy which will make it come true. Use the right words, those with strong meaning, to build your reality:

  • I am…
  • I'm ready to…
  • I am grateful for ...
  • I feel…
  • I deserve…

So, are you ready to go?

Choose to take control, and banish the negative to reverse the trend. A very simple decision, which can change everything ... And thanks to these few tips, positive affirmations have no secrets for you!

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