ORANGE AMOUR - mantra bangle bracelets to offer at Christmas.

ORANGE AMOUR - mantra bangle bracelets to offer at Christmas.

ORANGE AMOUR - mantra bangle bracelets to offer at Christmas.

Let the Christmas holidays embark us on light and frivolous dreams. Supreme bliss will invade us when recklessness can reign in our lives again. Let's close our eyes and give ourselves the jubilant pleasure of a slightly childish wish, in which all hopes are allowed. It could be the desire to kiss loved ones without any risk, to erase social distancing and masks to regain a little social warmth ... The desire to rediscover the world of yesterday, or to invent the world of tomorrow.

For Christmas, let us distill the joy of living with gifts that do good: sweet treats, exquisite perfumes, cheerful books, sentimental objects ...


What if we offered the mantra bangle bracelets Orange Amour ? This eco-conscious French brand is part of a benevolent approach to cultivate positive thinking.

« Nouveau Chapitre "," La vie est belle "," Be French, be free "," I have a dream "are our favorites. And we no longer leave the “Vaincre” bangle made especially for pink october.

The bracelets are all made of 316L stainless steel, antiallergic. They won't rust or fade. The gold-colored models are 18k gold plated. Their particularity? They are adjustable and unisex.

More than just a fashion brand, Orange Amour affirms its strong commitment to the environment. Indeed, for each bracelet purchased = a tree is planted thanks to the association One Tree Planted !

Paris Frivole's opinion : we clearly want Orange Amour under the tree !

Ethics give meaning to fashion, too often seen as frivolous and superficial. More than ever, we want to consume intelligently. We think of the climate, pollution, the planet. We are also thinking of short circuits and these young French brands that deserve our support.

We want to buy pretty things that last, bet on slow fashion. Orange Amour embodies it all. It is a fashionable, virtuous, eco-conscious, committed house that cultivates a certain taste for "good vibrations". Together, let's wear these magnificent and durable bangles to distill around us, messages of peace and love.

Thanks to our fashion consultant and ambassador, Dexter Dex Tao, which strives to defend and highlight young talented French designers! Make way for an all-caps fashion!

Thanks to Jean-François Huart, a talented artist who likes to photograph those he calls “the little Parisians”. Each of his exhibitions is eagerly awaited. He easily captures the sensuality of women and particularly appreciates the vintage universe. The codes of retro? He masters them to perfection. Each project carried out with him is a source of creativity: he knows Paris like the back of his hand and knows how to transpose his models into unique atmospheres. Do not hesitate to call on him for your photo projects!

Photo credits: Jean-Francois Huart(JFH.Photos)

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  • Very nice initiative these bracelets! I'm a fan of the idea, and even more so if it helps to plant a tree! The bracelet looks super beautiful! I already know who I'm going to give it to, my best friend, with the mantra “La vie est belle”, To remind him that life is worth living :)

    Emma the

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