Law of Attraction.

Law of Attraction.

In this article, I'll show you how to practice the law of attraction.

This law was put forward, implemented and brought to light by Napoleon Hill in his book called "The Secret" which then became a film.
The book came out in 1908, and yet it is still unknown to many people. Many have a bad perception of this law of attraction and think that it is by thinking very hard about something that we will get it without really having a concrete vision and objectives that are targeted. Yet the law of attraction is really something specific.
In this article, I would like to give you a way to practice the law of attraction.


What is the law of attraction and what is its purpose?

The law of attraction aims to help you create a dream, a kind of mental imaginary castle of your goal, to visualize it and then to get closer to it, to each time try to have positive thoughts when coming out. that dream.
It has been proven that your brain takes a long time to imagine things.
What you need to understand is that you are going to take a long time to create a dream and the more you will try to be precise in its end result, the more you will be able to think about it again in a precise way, and therefore ultimately. , you will be able to get closer.
So first of all, before creating a dream, you must already be a little more pragmatic and start defining the three classes of objectives:


You have Class A objectives:

These are the goals you can achieve because you are sure you can get there, and you've already done it.

You then have the Class B objectives:

These are the goals you think you can achieve that you haven't yet achieved, but you think you can achieve.

 And, finally you have the Class C objectives:

It is this type of goal that you must set yourself and that you must follow.
These are goals that you are not sure you can achieve right now because you may not have the skills to be able to achieve them.

In reality, it is by looking for type C objectives that you will totally surpass yourself and surprise yourself, I therefore invite you to do the following thing: Have class C objectives and then tell yourself that if it is too much ambitious, if that scares you a little, just say this phrase to yourself: " I'm sure I have a tiny chance to get there, I'm sure I have a tiny chance to get there ”

If you are not sure that something is 100% impossible, that means it is possible.

These things get worked up, so you're going to develop new skills, over time trying to get information from people who already have the results and dreams that you have, and you're going to move towards your goals much faster.


Visualizing your goals is essential

Your brain

I would now like to make a little point on how your brain works and how it can prevent you from certain things, and conversely, how you will be able to use it to get closer to your goals by using the law of attraction.

You have a part of your brain which is conscious, it is this part which will determine if a piece of information is false. This is usually the one that will also prevent you from progressing with paradigms.
What is a paradigm? It is when you think that something is done as it is, and you are sure and certain that it is impossible for it to be done otherwise.

For example : " it is impossible to live off your passion, I would be an employee all my life "," it is impossible to live a passionate love affair with a partner who suits me "" it is impossible to have X or Y competence in this field "

Use your creative intelligence to tell yourself that your subconscious doesn't have the capacity to say that information is wrong or that a goal is not attainable.
So, focus for a moment on your subconscious and imagine that these goals are achievable.

Imagine the result feel the emotions that you would have and that you will have when you go to achieve this result, and this is really how you are going to be able to accept the fact that what you were thinking and not necessarily absolute reality.


Many mental coaches of professional sportsmen practice this “cognitive reprogramming”

I will now give you a very simple four step process for practicing the Law of Attraction:

Determine your goals and accept your helplessness

The first thing is, I'm going to figure out what I really want and come to terms with my helplessness in the face of a lot of things.
Start small again, don't have a single dream that is way too hard to achieve, but that it is also the transition from your current situation to the realization of your dream.
So the first step is to ask yourself what you want, as well as to look for things that are under your control and then to accept your helplessness in the face of certain elements.

Why ?

The second step in applying the law of attraction is going to be constantly asking yourself why you want to achieve this goal. If your goal is purely financial, like:
“I want to create a company, I will invest in the stock market, I will invest in real estate, etc. "Just to drive a Ferrari, I think that's a project you have to do, you're going to get there, but the problem is that the Why is not strong enough.
If it's purely financial, you won't necessarily like it, you won't necessarily feel fulfilled. The feeling of accomplishment is an essential key to achieve Happiness.


The third step is going to be to start constantly visualizing your dream and to start tweaking it a little bit, if some of your dreams come up all the time, they are very specific. Concentrate and try to visualize and feel the emotions that you would have if you were already living your dream.

Meet people who have already achieved your goals

You will see that they are going to share ultra positive energy with you, and once again beyond finances, because generally these type of people control their finances and their finances work for them and not the other way around.
When we follow our dreams, we seek to be accomplished we help others and inevitably the more value we bring and the more we receive in return in different forms (love, entrepreneurial success, opportunity, etc.).

However, never forget that only work pays off, but with the right methodology, you can save a lot of time and energy.

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