What if to be happy I changed my way of thinking?

What if to be happy I changed my way of thinking?

What if to be happy I changed my way of thinking?

Happiness. Broad topic. Everyone thinks about it and seeks to achieve this ultimate goal. You, me, your loved ones, your colleagues, modest people, wealthy people, small, large, thin, eccentric, shy, young and old are involved in this quest for happiness.

But many are mistaken and get lost in this quest. Being happy is not a goal or a destination, but a way of being and of thinking. 

“Happiness is a state of mind. It's about the way you look at things. " - Walt Disney.

Positive emotions and a state of mind, peaceful, serene and open, are a way of seeing things that allows you to be fully happy and fulfilled. It's your way of thinking that shapes your own happiness on a daily basis.


Positive thoughts and the law of attraction

You can see the glass half or half empty. So, easy will you tell me to see things this way when everything is going well. But when you combine personal worries, financial problems, family conflicts or even pressure at work, it is difficult to remain positive and optimistic. However, your way of thinking plays a vital role and has a direct impact on your actions.

“What you think, you become, what you feel, you attract it, what you imagine, you create it. "-Buddha

Like a magnet, the way you think and see the world in a positive way attracts positive encounters and events. You are open to others and smiling, so you are in good condition for happiness to multiply around you. You sow small seeds of joy, love, laughter, tenderness, solidarity, benevolence and you harvest infinite happiness.

IF you only see the problems, how can you see the solutions? If you are closed, angry or sad all the time, how can you see an outstretched hand, detect a great opportunity, enrich yourself with a nice meeting or enjoy a moment of sharing? The positive attracts the positive, and the negative brings the negative with it. We must be fully aware of this. This is called the law of attraction. Your thoughts are precious. They define who you are and they have a big impact on your actions and the events you trigger around you.

Refocus on yourself and learn to love yourself again

Consciously or not, you may have a tendency to devalue yourself, or even denigrate yourself. I am incapable of doing this, I will never be able to do that, I am not pretty, I have no charisma, I do not know how to do such and such… etc.

For the same reasons we saw earlier, such a demeaning image and such negative thoughts are bad for your personal growth and your path to happiness.

If you yourself don't feel capable of it, how can others believe in you? If you don't believe in yourself, you convince yourself that you won't succeed… and indeed you won't.

Learn to be fairer, more conciliatory, more understanding and gentler with yourself. No one is perfect, neither you nor the others. It's good to give the best of yourself and sometimes to be demanding. But don't fall for extremes. Anyone can fail, the only mistake you shouldn't make is giving up. But failure is not an end in itself, on the contrary, it is an opportunity to start over with a new experience.

Do not hesitate to compliment and reassure you. Tell yourself that your presence is a gift to many people around you. Do not fix your flaws or your fears, but visualize your qualities and your dreams. Make of all its qualities a strength.

La gratitude, a habit to adopt every day

To feel happiness, you have to learn to see it as it is. It is the little moments of today that become precious memories for tomorrow. So we have to cultivate them and feed them these precious little moments. It's up to you to consider how much laughter with your best friend was a pure moment of happiness, to see that your children play in the garden and invent 1000 worlds is a blessing, that your little walk in the forest, alone with your dog, was soothing and rejuvenating or that this wonderful puff pastry cream was a taste of paradise.

Everything is a question of vision of things and of way of thinking 😉!

Make it a habit, every day, to find a good reason to be happy and to thank the universe for this wonderful time. You will thus allow your mind over time to see happiness wherever it goes and to feel it fully.

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