Do you know OCTOBER ROSE, the campaign against breast cancer?

Do you know OCTOBER ROSE, the campaign against breast cancer?

A decisive month for the research & prevention of a disease that affects us all. 

This year, ORANGE AMOUR reinforces its positive values ​​in favor of well-being, courage and hope, by working alongside the RUBAN ROSE association as part of the famous “Pink October” campaign. The opportunity to come back to this incredible international mobilization in the prevention of breast cancer, a disease that concerns us all, at all levels.

A few words about the RUBAN ROSE association.

It was in 1994 that the association Let's Talk Breast Cancer !, renamed Pink Ribbon in 2020, sees the light of day, at a time when breast cancer is still a taboo subject. At the initiative of the project are two large world-renowned companies, Estee Lauder Companies et Marie Claire, who decide to join forces to financially support research and take concrete action to prevent the disease. If the Association continuously works in favor of medical & scientific research and the early detection of a disease that offers no respite, it is during the month of October that its communication operations reach their peak. , with the campaign " Pink October ».

“Pink October”, a month of international mobilization.

Launched in 1994 when the Association was created, the information campaign Pink October has grown to an unprecedented scale over the years. Each year in October, a growing number of partners and sponsors join the Association in its fight against breast cancer, with the sole and unique objective: inform, raise awareness and mobilize.

Pink October is above all an opportunity to highlight all the actors who fight all year round against the disease - researchers, doctors, caregivers, patients, etc. - to raise more funds for research, early detection, and the quality of life of patients. With, as the official symbol of this daily fight, the famous “Pink Ribbon” which, unlike the devious and hidden cancer, is displayed absolutely everywhere.

Thanks to the work and commitment of the Association, significant progress has been made in recent decades, particularly in clinical research and prevention. The Pink Ribbon Award, created in 2004 by the Association with the objective of financially supporting researchers through donations and the sale of objects designed for the occasion, have also already brought in more than 3 million euros for research.

Large-scale operations.

The campaignPink October is marked by large-scale events, in which the Association's brands, celebrities, sponsors and partners join. This year again, the Eiffel Tower will proudly put on its traditional pink color, to officially launch the opening of the 2020 campaign.

For its part, ORANGE AMOUR also wanted to bring its support and its positive state of mind to the RUBAN ROSE Association on the occasion of the campaign Pink October 2020, by launching a limited edition of its famous bracelets with inspiring mantras. From 1er on October 31, it is therefore offering for sale an exclusive pack, consisting of a stainless steel and rose gold-plated bracelet engraved with the flagship mantra of the operation, "VAINCRE", with 2 pink knots or pink ribbons, of a pink jewel polish and a pouch ORANGE AMOUR with pink ribbon. For each pack sold, 20% will be donated to the RUBAN ROSE association.


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  • Orange amour is an ecological brand fighting against breast cancer.
    This brand is above all well made but above all collaborative.
    Live orange amour 💕

    Michaud the
  • This “Pink Ribbon” association is a great initiative to fight breast cancer and promote research.
    It's great that you are also participating by offering this bracelet and donating 20% ​​for research. I'm going to buy one, it looks like we're helping a bit like that;)

    Lisa the
  • Hello,

    Thank you for this great article! I had already heard of Pink October, and I think it's a great initiative! It's great that you are also participating, by offering this bracelet for sale and donating 20% ​​to breast cancer research. I'm going to buy one, it feels like helping a bit like that :)

    Lisa the

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