How to increase your resilience capacity?

How to increase your resilience capacity?

How to increase your resilience capacity?

Life is made up of a multitude uncontrollable events, each interprets them in their own way. Two different people will not necessarily have the same perception, since we all have our own truth. And why ? Simply, because we don't have not the same past, same life path or same education for example. So you are more of a person who sees the half full glass ou the glass half empty ? In other words, when a difficult situation arises, do you come to bounce quickly or do you find yourself in a negative spiral ? In summary, are you resilient or not ðŸ˜Š? You will learn more about what is resilience and especially that We are not born resilient, we become resilient. So you can increase this wonderful ability and get more out of your life.


What is resilience?

Of course, we can find the definition in any dictionary. However, I prefer to give you a definition in my own words. Resilience can be expressed as the ability to rebuild after trauma or a painful situation. We all go through complicated times from childhood. Like for example, the loss of a loved one, the divorce of your parents, for some of the mistreatment, etc. Then, as you grow older, the same ones can happen, just like others: loss of a job, failure, separation, etc. You probably already know your way of reacting face these emotional sufferings. Once the uncomfortable emotions have been overcome, do you stay in this past reality for a while or are you able to project yourself into the future again? Do you stay clinging to your suffering where is it you free yourself from it ? It's not necessarily easy to do, and I think our past plays a big role in our ability to be resilient. If you have seen your parents fight like lions to overcome difficult situations, subconsciously you have this asset too. If, on the contrary, you have seen parents not accepting situations and sinking into their grief, perhaps you have the same temperament. Everyone is free to be who they are, and we can choose to become whatever we want. You are tempted by little advice so that resilience becomes your daily life ? 😊


The steps to come to live with resilience:

Becoming resilient doesn't happen in a snap. Some have had this ability from a young age, others not at all. But, the good news is, anyone can be. So before you manage to live each difficult moment with resilience, certain attitudes can help you on your journey.

Be positive no matter what the circumstances :

You might be telling yourself that this is easier said than done! I can only answer "yes". Still, I can do it, so why can't you? In reality, resilience is in our strong minded ! If you are able to adopt a positive state of mind, you will automatically increase your mental strength. Being positive isn't just about smiling at all times, it's about relativize the events. A simple example comes to mind, let's say you have had a painful past. Today you still suffer from it and you blame the whole earth for having suffered so much. However, without all of these difficult times, would you be the person you are now? Our past, whether good or bad, makes us who we are. So, do you feel proud of who you are, or do you like the values ​​that you have among others… say to yourself, that without your past, you would surely not be there! Personally, I suffered a lot as a teenager, I was very angry with the people who caused this suffering. As I speak to you, it is over, because I know that thanks to all these trials, I am a good person. Which brings me to the second step:

Accept and forgive all situations:

Be careful, I am not saying that we must go above everything, far from it. Let me explain, to accept means " live in the acceptance of your life experiences ". I have a situation so that you understand my thought: A person in good health is the victim of an accident, he loses the use of his legs. Two choices are available to her: to be in denial, thus nourishing its suffering, closing in on it, etc. The second : accepter his new life and keep moving forward in life despite this change. Everything will depend on his mental strength and his ability to accept that she is no longer the same, but that she is alive! In acceptance there is a form of forgiveness of this trauma. The same is true of an argument or betrayal, except forgiving doesn't mean forgiving the person who hurt you. It's forgiving yourself for this situation and forgiving, not to talk to her again, just because you deserve to live in peace. These are not simple attitudes, I agree, but I assure you that your vision is changing. By working them, you will see the difference, you will build a Safe Haven. Finally, you will be able to let go of all this suffering that invade you. This has the consequence of also removing feelings of guilt, certain negative thoughts, memories that hurt too much. Obviously, we do not forget everything, but we manage to remember without hurting. In summary, we have to accept the situation, also accept that it is temporary. Next forgive to the universe, God, whoever you want for this difficult time in your life. To finally, let go and turn your back on the past to live in the moment !

These are for me the most important steps for increase your resilience capacity. There are still a few words that I would like to share with you to help you even more ...


Confidence in oneself and in one's environment.

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try to to be positive, carry out our projects, but it does not work.

Already, if you do not have confidence in yourself, it is one of the reasons which pushes you to "sabotage" your life and your state of mind. Gain confidence in yourself ! Do you say this " I am the only master of my life ". Every day, tell yourself that it's you and no one else who should live your life. You have the will within you, the courage necessary and the strength to live. Sometimes, we have to go find it deep within us, because we haven't been used to bringing it to light. Moreover, it is essential to surround yourself well ! Have some good people around you that uplift you every day. If you have people who put you down, it's not good for your mind! So trust yourself and have people you trust around you too. You will live in a serene and healthy environment !


The method of being positive: adopting positive mantras and affirmations 

Do you have a phrase that suits you that you use often? A quote that makes you feel good? It's important to surround yourself with the positive, and to say positive sentences to yourself. Do you know the law of attraction? In summary, you attract what you desire, and also you create what you think. Personally, I have on my desk, positive affirmations, I wear the mantra bracelets ORANGE AMOUR … I surround myself with positive, and my brain only sees this stuff all day long. Unconsciously he lives in positive thinking since my eyes only read things as such. Better yet, I read them several times a day. " Je choisis le bonheur "," Gratitude "," I attract positive abundance ". If this seems abstract and a little offbeat to you, sincerely give it a try, you will see that your state of mind will change.

So, do you want to adopt resilience ? Or increase your resilience capacity ? To live in peace and harmony? The current epidemic is a very good exercise, moreover. Either we decide to lament and suffer, or we decide to remain free of our choices. Whatever your choices, the important thing is to live by accepting them, and by living it in the best possible way. Every day we become a better version of ourselves, so we might as well follow a path we love.

Finally, I wanted to share with you a quote, which I find, sums up exactly what I have just told you. It was said by Michelle Obama speaking in Toronto in 2017 :

« It is  la resilience here wrought ma personality. This does not are not the diplomas, this does not are not the schools which I have frequented, this does not are not the securitiesit is ma capacity to me raise yet et yet and being un human who is connect to its history. "


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