Learn to let go in order to be happy.

Learn to let go in order to be happy.

Learn to let go in order to be happy.

Let go. Two little words, very simple and yet so difficult to put into practice. They are nevertheless the main ingredients of the recipe for happiness 😉. Be careful, letting go does not mean that we do not care about all our problems like the year 40! It simply expresses your willingness not to fix your attention on problems and difficulties, but rather on solutions and your strengths to move forward.

Letting go also means managing to no longer impose pressure on you to succeed and perform. Oddly, without that weight on your shoulders, you are more creative, more confident and more successful.

Happiness, self-fulfillment, and personal success are closely linked to letting go. It's not always easy to put into practice, but it's like everything, it can be learned.

To learn to let go, you need to know a few essentials of well-being and have the keys to success. You will feel more serene, peaceful and happy. This is what we invite you to discover in this article. Take notes ! 😉


Accept events and change

The world is constantly changing, your life is constantly changing, you cannot control everything, it is impossible.

This unnecessary pressure imposes a frantic pace on you for almost zero results. Events follow one another whether you like it or not, whether you are prepared for it or not, and you have to agree to jump on the bandwagon. Despite extraordinary anticipation and excellent preparation, you will never be able to predict and control everything. But the unpredictable is what makes life such a precious gift. 

The experiences and encounters that life offers you are always enriching, whether positive or negative, you inevitably draw a richness, a lesson, a new strength.

You must learn to accept the positive events that happen to you, but also accept the more difficult experiences. They make you stronger and better. Do not see them as a failure, but rather as a new opportunity. Think of it as the ability to try again, but in a different way.


The look of the others

"Hell is other people," said Sartre.

Fortunately, this is not always the case, but it is true that the gaze of others is heavy. You fear being misjudged constantly and you do, unconsciously or not, in the eyes of the opinions of others.

You are unwittingly playing a role in the room of your own life. Your personality is modeled on the perception that others have of you.

Yet it is your room, your life, your story. You are the only one who can and should direct your life. Your decisions are yours. Your life is unique and precious, you should take care of it and do everything to live it to the fullest.

You are not dressed according to the fashion trends of the moment, you do not have the latest smartphone? Did you follow your instincts and you didn't follow the herd? So what ! Are you happy ? That is the only essential question you need to ask yourself.


Living in the Moment

It seems simple and yet ... The mind wanders endlessly between yesterday and tomorrow, between the mistakes of the past, the nostalgia for a happy period and the fear of the future.

But your choices, your decision-making and your happiness, it is in the present that they are combined and only in the present.

To be happy, you must learn to fully enjoy the present. You have to feel it intensely, deeply.

Meditation and yoga are practices that can help you, especially early in your journey. This will allow you to relearn your mind to focus on the moment and maintain it in the present moment.


Learning to know each other

“The biggest secret to happiness is being good with yourself. »Bernard Fontenelle

 Having self-awareness, achieving good self-esteem and being fully happy and fulfilled inevitably requires a detailed knowledge of your inner being.

Your personality is unique. Who better than you can know you perfectly? Are you not the person who should take care of your happiness the most? Like making yourself happy without knowing yourself intimately?

Your pains, your fears, your anxieties, but also your laughter, your joys and your passions are essential elements of yourself. What drives you and makes you happy?

Letting go is also realizing that you are responsible for your own happiness. Therefore, it is up to you to do things according to what drives you and what you really like.

You have to learn to please yourself without putting pressure on yourself. To be happy, you have to be in agreement with yourself, without asking yourself what someone will think of it or if it is really reasonable.

You never fly high with someone else's wings. By that, mean that it is not others who will make you a happy person, even if they contribute. It is you alone, your decisions, your actions, your words and your thoughts that will allow you to access true happiness.

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